1. Introduction

2. Editors


4.Micros and Micro Processors

5.Compiler Design Options

6.Linker and Loader

7.Debuggers and Development Utilities

8.Operating System as System Software

9.System Structure

1. Introduction

2.Finite Automata

3.Regular Languages

4.Context free grammar and Languages

5.Push Down Automata

6.Turing Machine

Chapter 1 Introduction to Computer Networks

Chapter 2 Network Models

Chapter 3 Transmission Media

Chapter 4 The Physical Layer

Chapter 5 The Data Link Layer

Chapter 6 The medium access Sublayer

1. Introduction to web techniques

2. Function and String

3. Arrays

4. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

5. Files and directories

6. Databases (PHP-PostgreSQL)

1. An Introduction to Java

2. An Overview of Java

3. Objects and Classes

4. Inheritance and Interface

5.Exception Handling

6. Strings, Streams and Files

7. User Interface Components with AWT and Swing

8. Applet

1. Object Oriented Concepts and Principles

2. Introduction to UML

3. Basic Structural Modeling

4. Advanced Structural Modeling

5. Basic Behavioral Modeling

6. Object Oriented Analysis

7. Object Oriented Design

8. Architectural modeling

9. Object Oriented Testing