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उपलब्ध पाठ्यक्रम

Introduction ,

Names, Scopes, and Bindings ,

Control Flow,

Data Types ,

Subprograms and Implementing Subprograms,

Data Abstraction and Object Orientation ,


Functional Programming in Scala 

Basics of Algorithms,

Divide and conquer strategy ,

Greedy Method,

Dynamic Programming,

Decrease and Conquer,


Branch and Bound,

Problem Classification

Introduction to NOSQL (Core concepts),

Implementation with NOSQL databases ,

Schema Migrations,

Polygot Persistence (Multi model types) ,

Beyond NoSQL,

Choosing your database

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: ,


Knowledge Representation: 

Introduction to AI with Python,

Machine Learning


Database Technologies:  MongoDB Practical Assignments 

Database Technologies:  Neo4j Practical Assignments

Introduction to Soft Computing, Neural Network, Fuzzy Set Theory, Genetic Algorithms

Introduction to UNIX/Linux Kernel, File and Directory I/O, Process Environment, Process Control and Process Relationships, , Memory Management,Signal Handling, Windows Thread Management

Introduction to Mobile Computing,Android Fundamentals,Android UI Design,Android Thread and Notification, Advanced Android Programming, PhoneGap Programming, iOS Fundamentals

Introduction to Project Management,Project Management Components, Scope Management, Time management, Cost Management, Quality Management,Human Resource Management, Communication Management, Risk Management, Procurement Management, Software Metrics, Software Reliability, Planning a measurement program, Quality Standards

Introduction to Machine Learning, Machine Learning Models, Regression Models, Classification Models, Clustering Models, Association Rules, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning

Node JS and Django

Chap.1 Introduction to DBMS

Chap.2 Conceptual Design

Chap.3 SQL

Chap.4 Relational Database Design

Chap 1. Problem Solving Aspects

Chap 2. 'C' Fundamentals

Chap 3. Control Structures

Chap 4. Functions

Chap 5. Arrays

Chapter 1 Pointers, Chapter 2 Strings , Chapter 4 File Handling, Chapter 5 Pre processor

Chapter 1 Relational Database Design Using PLSQL, Chapter 2 Transaction Concepts and concurrency control, Chapter 3 Database Integrity and Security Concepts, Chapter 4 Crash Recovery, Chapter 5 Other Databases

Chap 1. Introduction To Software Engineering and Process Models

Chap 2. Agile Development

Chap 3. Requirements Analysis

Chap 4. Requirements Modeling

Chap 5. Design Concepts

1. Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis

2. Array as a Data Structure

3. Linked List

4. Stack

5. Queue

Object oriented concepts, Introduction to C++, Function in C++, Constructors and destructor, Operator overloadingInheritance, Managing Input and Output using C++, Working with files, Templates, Exception Handling in C++

System ConceptsSoftware and Software EngineeringSystem Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Process Models, Requirements Engineering, Structured Analysis Development Strategy,An Agile View of Process

System ConceptsSoftware and Software EngineeringSystem Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Process Models, Requirements Engineering, Structured Analysis Development Strategy,An Agile View of Process

1. Introduction

2. Editors


4.Micros and Micro Processors

5.Compiler Design Options

6.Linker and Loader

7.Debuggers and Development Utilities

8.Operating System as System Software

9.System Structure

1. Introduction

2.Finite Automata

3.Regular Languages

4.Context free grammar and Languages

5.Push Down Automata

6.Turing Machine

Chapter 1 Introduction to Computer Networks

Chapter 2 Network Models

Chapter 3 Transmission Media

Chapter 4 The Physical Layer

Chapter 5 The Data Link Layer

Chapter 6 The medium access Sublayer

1. Introduction to web techniques

2. Function and String

3. Arrays

4. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

5. Files and directories

6. Databases (PHP-PostgreSQL)

1. An Introduction to Java

2. An Overview of Java

3. Objects and Classes

4. Inheritance and Interface

5.Exception Handling

6. Strings, Streams and Files

7. User Interface Components with AWT and Swing

8. Applet

1. Object Oriented Concepts and Principles

2. Introduction to UML

3. Basic Structural Modeling

4. Advanced Structural Modeling

5. Basic Behavioral Modeling

6. Object Oriented Analysis

7. Object Oriented Design

8. Architectural modeling

9. Object Oriented Testing

  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Input device and interaction task
  • Presentation and output device
  • Raster Scan Graphics
  • Transformation
  • Clipping
  • 3D transformation and viewing
  • Hidden surface elmination

  • Collection
  • Database Programming
  • Servlet
  • JSP
  • Multithreading
  • Networking

  • Introduction
  • Process Management
  • Multi threading
  • CPU Scheduling
  • Process Synchronization
  • Deadlock
  • Memory Management
  • File System

1) Web Techniques

2)Email handling using PHP





  • Basic Networking Concepts
  • Wired and wireless networks ,it's types and functionality of layer
  • Importance of Network security and cryptography

Placement Preparation Activity includes Technical Tests

Placement preparation Activity includes Aptitude Test